Realizăm proiecte, în cel mai eficient și constructiv mod

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Techno-Art Design is a design office that brings a change of attitude in the architectural approach, ensuring the creation of a significant architecture, opened to new trends that can change people’s lives.

For building design we use, as means for satisfying our customers’ requirements and demands: creativity, innovation and efficiency.

Techno-Art Design carries out projects that are representative for who you are, using an elegant, functional and unique approach.

Techno-Art Design is an architecture firm that covers the entire range of building design, consultancy and technical assistance services.

If you wish to turn your dreams into material projects, with us you can achieve that in a positive, useful, timely and responsible manner, with a simple click.

Techno Art Design offers:


Techno–Art Design creates impressions of the conceptual design, giving priority to the hypothetical, creating and exploring the idea closest to the functionality and the requirement of the beneficiary. To that effect, we provide an identity to the project, combining originality, the past, present and the future, the useful, the comfortable and the beautiful in different proportions, depending on the beneficiary’s request.
Our office can provide presentations of your company’s image as well as posters and billboards for presentation exhibitions.


Our architects, starting from the suggested architectural design concept, provide volumetric studies:  3D design, 3d models and simulations, as close to reality as possible, suggesting solutions as to what your project will look like inserted in the urban environment, to enable you to envision the relationship with the surroundings. We provide rendered images for your project based on studies of materials (finishing), colours and light effects for interior or exterior design.

Presentation1Techno-Art Design company is ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system certified.